Dyer Auto Auction
7900 Melton Rd.
Gary, IN 46311
Indiana: 219-865-2361
Illinois: 773-731-6181
Fax: 219-322-1761
Contact Information
Title Name/Email Fax Phone Ext.
President Buzz Cotton    
Fleet/Lease Manager Jason Cotton Cell 312-758-0028 457
Asst. Fleet/Lease/Lot Manager Curt Cable Cell 219-789-2028  
Director of Information Technology Jacob Phillips   453
Fleet/Lease Office Carol Breshock Fax 219-865-4472 471
Donation Program Stephanie Reed Fax 219-864-2738 456
Number Reservations  Sharon   423 & 418
Online Access/Fleet Lease Joshua Boender Cell- 219-808-0120 464



Alan Banister


Indiana Area Sales Representative

Vanessa Pacocha


South of I-80 in Illinois Sales Representative

Jess August


Online Sales Rep